Trigger workflows using URL parameters

You can not only pass information between pages using URL parameters, you can also trigger workflows based on URL parameters.

The workflow remains the same, only the trigger gets changed.


Let’s assume that you’re sending a parameter “action” to a page. On this page, you have a popup. You want to show the popup if the URL parameter contains “show-popup” as the value of the URL parameter.

To do this, we create a new event which happens on page load.

On every page load, we’ll check the URL and if it matches our condition, we’ll trigger the workflow. To do this, we add an “Only when” condition in the event.

This condition will search the URL for “action” parameter and if it’s value is “show-popup”, this workflow gets triggered.

We can create long, complex workflows based on the URL parameter. We can update our database, show/hide elements, schedule backend workflow etc. Anything that is possible with a workflow.

Depending on use case, you can also use the other event triggers.

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I help people bring their ideas to life with Bubble.

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Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma

I help people bring their ideas to life with Bubble.

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