Custom font

If you want to use a font that is not found in Bubble’s font selector, you can simply upload your own font. On the free plan as well.

To search a new font, you can browse Google Fonts. Download the font file as you’d need it.

Uploading font to Bubble

Create a new data type in your database where the font will be uploaded. You can delete it afterwards. Create a file type field in it.

Create a blank page from where you can upload the font to your database. You only need a file uploader and a button element.

Once the file has been uploaded to your database, we just need to copy paste the S3 file link.

Copy this link and go to your app’s Settings tab on the left. Scroll down in the General section to come to the Custom Font section

Paste the copied link in the ‘CSS file path’ section and hit Add font.

Your font will now be available in the font selector. You can delete the data type and the page that you had created to upload the font.

If you need some help with your Bubble app or would like me to build one for you, send me an email at Follow me on Twitter.

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I help people bring their ideas to life with Bubble.

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Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma

I help people bring their ideas to life with Bubble.

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