Lists are common in a Bubble app. They are frequently used to store information in Bubble’s database or in custom states.

Lists can be a list of things, numbers, users, text, Option sets. And if you are using lists in your app, you’d want to manipulate the data as well.

Chances are high that you must have heard about Single Page Apps (SPA) at least once on the Bubble forum. And because Single Page Apps don’t navigate you to another page, an important question to answer is how will you handle content visibility

The answer is with URL parameters


You can not only pass information between pages using URL parameters, you can also trigger workflows based on URL parameters.

The workflow remains the same, only the trigger gets changed.

Let’s assume that you’re sending a parameter “action” to a page. On this page, you have a popup. You want…

If you observe the URL structure of Amazon, you’d notice that they use URL parameters to filter search results. This is useful because you can then share the link with someone and they would then see the same results.

This is a better approach compared to using custom states in…

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